Delivering customized solutions

Market Research

  • Reports and presentations have been prepared for Government Departments and Economic Development Agencies based on secondary research findings. Outputs were designed to provide fact based evidence as to why prospects should consider key IT sectors for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

  • Phone-based surveys across multiple industry sectors within North America have been completed to better understand the makeup of current IT infrastructures, identify service gaps and gauge future purchase intentions.

  • Web-based surveys of IT services companies have been completed to obtain an understanding of the key operating practices employed within this ICT sub-sector as well as any relevant changes year-over-year.

  • Customer and partner prospect lists have been produced based on multi-faceted secondary research efforts. Lists contain contact details, financial data, solutions overviews, rankings on key metrics, etc.

  • Hands-on technical performance testing assessments were completed for key players from across the industry. These projects involved preparing user scenarios and testing each solution set to determine its ability to complete defined tasks while also gauging overall performance levels and user experience.

Great job on the research. It is a treasure trove of information that we are still mining.

Director, Product Marketing

Market Insights

  • Thought leadership reports and technical white papers, spanning many facets of IT have been produced for leading solution providers worldwide (some white label).

  • Competitive intelligence projects have been completed for several leading software providers. Different technologies and solution sets were compared, strengths and weaknesses assessed, and insight and guidance provided on how to approach competitive situations.

  • Market opportunity assessments have been completed whereby data and analysis were provided as key inputs to new product development and a more informed and targeted marketing strategy.

  • Hands-on technical performance reviews of select software/development tools from leading IT providers have been conducted based on a defined set of metrics where the outputs were documented in reports that were distributed globally.

  • Market opportunity assessments have been completed that looked at current and projected use of select technologies across different industry verticals. These projects assessed key trends/customer demands and provided recommendations on market entry.

This was by far the most complete and detailed hands-on technical analysis I have ever seen over the course of my career.

Vice President, Product Management

Market Connections

  • Partner prospecting activities have been completed for large multinational IT organizations seeking to expand their networks in Canada and the United States. VAR and ISV candidates were identified, where several went through an extensive qualification process, and final lists of prospects were provided to the clients.

  • Business matchmaking services have been provided to ICT companies specializing in such areas as telecommunications and mobile applications, where hundreds of meetings have been facilitated at conferences such as CTIA Super Mobility and Mobile World Congress.

  • Lead generation services were provided to one of the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) leading tech hubs. Partnering activities were specific to business/economic development and investment attraction.

  • Partner prospecting activities related to an international trade mission in NYC (USA) were completed for a South American economic development agency where buyer/partner candidates were identified and qualified. Meetings were booked for a delegation of over 70 ICT companies that attended the event.

  • Business matchmaking services have been provided to digital media and gaming companies at industry conferences such as GDC, Game Connection, E3, MIGS, Kidscreen and Gamescom. Meetings were organized with senior level decision makers where meeting prospects were pre-qualified based on defined parameters.

Zibis Group did some hero work for us and I can't thank them enough for their help. This won't be the last time we work together.

Senior Sales Executive