Research and Advisory Services for the Technology Sector


Primary and secondary research including surveys, interviews, and focus groups.


Analyzing and interpreting data so clients can make informed business decisions.


Identifying, qualifying, and enabling new market relationships.

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Industry Focus

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart interconnected devices and sensors facilitate valuable aggregated insights and automation.


Paired with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery enables and complements Agile Development.

Big Data

Analysis of data sets too large to be processed through traditional means.

Digital Media & Gaming

An innovative sector that is engaging users in new ways and shaping the economy of the future through Mobile, Console, Web, VR, Augmented Reality, etc.


Addresses threat vectors and continuously monitors for intrusions and exploit indicators via endpoint protection, SIEM, and Security Analytics.

Cloud Technologies

Covering Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a Service, Microservices, and the hardware and software used to implement and manage these solutions.

Business Process Management

Improving corporate performance and increasing visibility through automation.


A secure, immutable, decentralized, distributed database that is disruptive to existing entrenched single point of failure ledgers.

Infrastructure Management

Optimizing the management of essential operation components including processes, equipment, data and more.

Our background and knowledge base spans multiple aspects of the broader ICT & related industry sectors

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The Tools You Need

Zibis Group is a leading source for market research and advisory services on the ICT industry and related sectors. We provide vendors, government institutions, academia, and other key industry stakeholders with the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Insight and Perspective

From product management, product marketing, and sales, to those in economic development, a government agency or an IT department (buyers), we provide the needed insight and perspective to enhance the decision making process.

Over 20 Years Experience

Our team has worked with hundreds of public and private sector organizations, small to large. We focus on working with clients through a relationship-based model to manage risk more effectively and enable better business outcomes.